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Rock Your Promotions with Branded Bluetooth Speakers

Rock Bluetooth wireless speaker in a variety of colors Bluetooth speakers come in a variety of colors

One of today’s biggest trends in promotional giveaways is giving anything related to technology — from stylus pens to Bluetooth speakers. As always, giving promotional products that people will actually use is the number one way to ensure your branded promotional giveaways deliver the intended impact — such as, enhancing your leads, strengthening your customer relationships, and boosting your sales.

To achieve these goals, there is one gift promotional product that will deliver every time — portable Bluetooth speakers. After all, who wouldn’t love to receive a promotional giveaway that gives them a powerful high-quality sound experience in a convenient portable package? Especially today’s on-the-go mobile workers who want to enhance the sound of their iPhone, Android, smartphones, and tablets from wherever they happen to be.

There are several great Bluetooth speakers to choose from to rock your next promotion. Here are a few of our best suggestions: The Rock Speaker is a high-definition Bluetooth wireless speaker that can be used with any handheld device. It’s so lightweight and tiny your customers can take it everywhere and use it on their favorite device — including an iPhone, Android, smartphone, and tablet.

Splash floating Bluetooth speaker This Bluetooth speaker floats!

While the Rock Speaker is great for land lovers, what if your customers love nothing more than floating around in a pool or lake in their downtime? You can give them tiny islands of sound with the water-resistant Splash Floating Bluetooth Speaker. These unique speakers bring dynamic stereo sound right into the water. Your customers can’t help but remember you as they float around listening to their favorite tunes all summer from speakers bearing your company’s logo.

Bubble High-Definition Bluetooth speaker Bubble Bluetooth speaker

Another great choice in mobile Bluetooth speakers is the Bubble Bluetooth Speaker – with its aesthetically appealing round top. Don’t let the small size fool you – this tiny bubble features dynamic high-definition stereo sound. What’s more, it includes a built-in mic to give your customers easy hands-free calling from any handheld device.

When you give branded portable Bluetooth speakers as promotional giveaways to your customers, you give the perfect branded gift for them to use at home, office, or outdoors. If your goal is giving a promotional giveaway that your customers can’t help but remember, you can’t go wrong with any of these portable Bluetooth speakers. They will speak volumes about the quality of your company.

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