Thursday, June 1, 2017

Promoting your Brand with the top 6 Road Trip Essentials


Promoting your Brand with the top 6 road trip essentials!

The Millennial generation is probably the most captured by wanderlust of any generation.  This group makes up a quarter of the population in the United States.  Why is this important to you and your business?  This is the demographic you need to be advertising your services to.  The millennials are proving to be resistant to traditional advertising media.  One way to promote your company/brand to them is to tap into their passions and who doesn’t love useful travel stuff!

1.       Cooler
Who doesn’t need a cooler on a road trip to keep your water and sodas cool!  Of course, when you aren’t driving, you can use it to keep your beer cool!

2.  Water bottle
It is important to stay hydrated on a roadtrip and having a handy water bottle makes that easy!  This water bottle will be something that anyone can use on their desk, in their car, at the gym, etc.  Very useful item that will promote your brand for a long time!
Water bottle.jpg

3. Earbuds/headphones
When you have a car full of people, you need headphones because we don’t all like the same music!  Please promote friendship while promoting your business and supply your potential customers with headphones!
headphones.jpg  earbuds1.jpg
3.  Sunglasses
Your customer will at some point be driving into the sun and require sunglasses for those moments.  Help them out by supplying them with a cool pair of sunglasses that also promote your brand!  I would consider the dual purpose bottle opener sunglasses, so when your customer gets to their final destination they can pop the top on a cold one.  Let’s not forget all those craft beers aren’t twist offs.

bottle opener sunglasses.jpg   aviators.jpg

4. Key Chain Wallet
This is a super handy item for jumping in and out of the car to pump gas, running into the store for some munchies, etc.  This wallet can carry your ID, some cash and credit cards.  On a side note this would be handy when visiting the bar upon reaching your destination!
key chain wallet.jpg

5. Blanket
Warning - only for use by the passengers!  Promote your brand while making sure the passengers stay warm during their nap!

6.  Emergency kit
This is the most important item in the list and something everyone needs in their car.  Don’t let your potential customers go on their next road trip without one of these!
Emergency kit.jpg  

Please remember when promoting your brand at your next event,  with customer appreciation gifts, or in your store, useful items are the ones that will continue to promote your brand long after they are received!  Don’t forget your trusty Promo Sherpa is here to help you find just the right item(s) to help you promote your business/brand!

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