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Tailgating on the Go

August 31, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Events


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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

August 29, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Branding your Business, Breast Cancer Awareness, Fundraising, Events

It’s almost October again, wow does the time fly!  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month which is an annual campaign to increase awareness of this disease.  Most people are “aware” of breast cancer but do not take the proper steps to ensure early detection, like self-exams, pre-screening, etc.  The goal of Breast Cancer Awareness Month is to promote these steps to ensure early detection.  

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Internet and Online Safety Tips For Work and Home Life

August 26, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Travel


In today's modern world of personal and professional data breaches and identity theft I wanted to write a best practices while surfing the internet. See some of the great tips below to assist in keeping you safe at work or at home.

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Planning Your Golf Tournament - Fittings

August 24, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Branding your Business

Charity Golf Tournaments are a very popular and successful way to raise funds for your cause.  In order to have a successful golf tournament, you have to define what your expectations are for the tournament.  The most important measure will no doubt be the amount of money you raise from your tournament.  You will also want to bring awareness to your cause and ensure a good experience so your golfers will look forward to your tournament every year.  Value for the players will be a combination of the right course, the right price, the right entertainment and the right gifts.  Tournament Fittings can be the solution to the right entertainment and the right gifts!

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Promoting Your Brand With The Top 7 Road Trip Essentials!

August 22, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Promotional Products, Travel, Branding your Business, Travel Accessories

The Millennial generation is probably the most captured by wanderlust of any generation.  This group makes up a quarter of the population in the United States.  Why is this important to you and your business?  This is the demographic you need to be advertising your services to.  The millennials are proving to be resistant to traditional advertising media.  One way to promote your company/brand to them is to tap into their passions and who doesn’t love useful travel stuff!

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Computer Running Slow? Tips and Tricks for a Performance Boost

August 19, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Business Tips


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How To Raise Money For Schools While Promoting Your Brand

August 17, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Promotional Products, Branding your Business, School Fundraising

Even though technically we have been out of the recession for 2 years, a lot of communities are still having to cut back on school spending.   This can mean schools being forced to cut back on sports programs, music programs, technology, field trips, etc.   Local businesses can advertise in a variety of ways in their local school system that are typically low cost and have the added benefit of helping the school to maintain these programs.

Below are some ideas to promote your business and help your school system:

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Football Season is upon us – Do you have your Clear Stadium Bag?

August 15, 2016 / by Booker Hodges posted in Branding your Business, Clear Bag, Football Clear Stadium Bag Policy

In order to decrease wait time for bag checking and improve safety at Football games, the NFL instituted a clear bag policy in 2013.  This policy came on the heels of the tragedy at the Boston Marathon.

Due to all of the tragedies over the past year, colleges such as UCLA, Mississippi State, and Auburn are implementing clear bag policies for all college football games for the 2016 season.  Many other schools have or will be following suit all over the United States, not just at colleges, but for High School football games.

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