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Trade Show Swag:  Tech!

November 30, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in custom swag, custom power banks, custom speakers, custom headphones

First quarter 2017 has a massive trade show line up!  Every presenter needs to be thinking about how they are going to set themselves apart.  Most presenters go inexpensive swag like writing instruments, key chains, toothpick dispensers, etc.  If you want your swag to attract visitors to your booth, it has to be something they want!  Great custom swag can draw the crowds to your booth in the form of contests and first to the booth prize.

Custom tech items are always popular at trade shows.  Be unique and stand out with these great choices!  The new fad in custom speakers are the promotional light up speakers.  These speakers feature lights that dance to the rhythm of the music, enable you to answer, refuse or redial phone calls right on the speaker, and play and pause tracks right on the speaker.  

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Last minute gifts! Thanksgiving is over so little time left!

November 28, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in custom mugs, custom glassware, custom bags, custom blankets

It's getting to be the last minute!  If you haven't found the perfect gift for your employees or customers, let the Promo Sherpas find the perfect solution for you.  No matter what custom gift or promotional product you are looking for, we will help you find the perfect solution by working with you every step of the way.

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Trends in Promotional Products:  Custom Stainless Steel Drinkware

November 22, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in custom mugs, custom bottles, custom stainless steel mugs, custom stainless steel tumblers

Custom Stainless Steel Drinkware has been the rage this year in Promotional Products.  Let's review a couple of popular styles that would make great custom gifts for your clients or employees this holiday season.

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Personalized glassware make great wedding favors!

November 20, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in custom pint glasses, personalized glassware, custom beer stein, custom wine glasses, personalized champagne glasses

When planning your wedding, deciding the right wedding favors can be a challenge!  Provide your family and friends with a wedding favor they can use to toast your happiness. Personalized pint glasses with your favorite brew are just the way to say thank-you.

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Custom knives for Gift Season!

November 19, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in custom pocket knives, custom hunting knives, custom knives for sale, custom knives

Custom knives can make great ambassadors for your brand this holiday season as well as the perfect gifts for your employees.  Show your customers how much you appreciate them by giving them custom gifts they can use while camping, in the car, on the job, etc.  No matter whether your customers are outdoorsy, indoorsy, or somewhere in between, our custom knives will be valued for years to come.  

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Custom blankets for gift season!

November 18, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in custom picnic blankets, custom stadium blankets, custom sweatshirt blankets, custom blankets

Custom blankets make great gifts for employees this season!  Show your employees that you appreciate them with a gift they can use.

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Tis the season for gift giving!

November 17, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in custom backpacks, promotional backpack, Promotional tool bags, promotional bags, custom lunch bags, custom messenger bags

Thanksgiving is next week and managers and business owners are thinking about what to give their employees this holiday season to show their appreciation. Don't stress over what to get your employees, let the Promo Sherpas help you find just the right thing!  

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What do your customer's need a custom tote bag for?

November 15, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in custom tote bags, custom printed tote bags, customized tote bags, promotional tote bags, custom tote bag

In the eco world we live in, there is no better way to represent your brand than customized tote bags!  In an effort to reduce waste, consumers shy away from the traditional paper bags and especially plastic bags.  They prefer to utilize their custom tote bags they have collected from various businesses, trade shows, etc.  Custom tote bags are the most versatile bag you can give your customer's because they have so many uses!

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Be thoughtful and give the gift of custom stress balls!


We all know that the stress of the holidays is upon us!  Help your customers and prospects alleviate some of that stress with custom stress balls!  Customized stress balls are not only good for stress relief but also build the flexibility and strength in your hands, wrists, and forearms.  More than 50% of the population uses a computer or work and more than 80% use a computer at home.  With the increase in computer use and other repetitive motion jobs, more than 8 million people are diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome each year.  Guess what is used in the treatment of carpal tunnel?  You guessed right, promotional stress balls!  Every office worker needs a stress ball with your logo on it at their desk!  

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Custom notebooks are a classy representation of your brand!


Even though we live in a digital age, custom notebooks and journals are still important and viable as promotional products.  Moleskine found that their journals and notebooks sold better when near an apple store which would suggest that consumers enjoy both the digital and analog.  Digital has become common place and customized notebooks and journals a novelty.

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Tips for the @ Home Workforce

November 11, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Business Tips

Many people are finding themselves working at home more these days. Companines are finding flexible methods for employees to be able to work from home and get more done while building loyality from their workforce. This week we will explore a few tips that might assist any at home work force warrior.

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Promotional Sunglasses Not Just For The Summer!

November 10, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Promotional Sunglasses, Custom Sunglasses, Cheap Custom Sunglasses, Customized Sunglasses, Custom Logo Sunglasses

When you think of custom sunglasses, you think of summer promotions.  You should consider promotional sunglasses for the winter months also!  

"People don't realize that just because the sun isn't as intense or as hot, they need protection," says Susan Taub, MD, assistant professor of ophthalmology at Northwestern University School of Medicine in Chicago.

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Employee Recognition with Custom Plaques and Custom Trophies

November 09, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in custom trophies, plaques, custom plaques, award plaques

Employee buy-in and accountability for doing a good job and performing above and beyond their assigned tasks is the goal of all managers and companies. Significant research has shown that providing employees with a comfortable work environment and a suitable wage for their position will not ensure that they care about the organization and take personally the quality of their work. It will be enough to get them to show up every morning — but to take initiative, meet schedules and deadlines, operate with a seriousness of purpose and drive — that requires relationship-building and employee recognition programs that work.

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Benefits of Promotional Products

November 07, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Promotional Products

When you think about your marketing strategy, you should consider that consumers say that they view a company more favorably after receiving a promotional product and nearly 50% report using that product daily.  Do you use promotional products to augment your strategy?  Read below for reasons why you should consider them.

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Avoid a Disaster! Disaster Recovery Options for SMB

November 04, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Business Tips

I am sure sometime in your professional career you have faced a software, hardware technology failure and needed to recover from backups. Traditional backups were usually performed on expensive tape drives or tape libraries. Based on statistics tape backups failed to restore at a rate between 65 - 80 percent. This is an astounding statistic. Another thing to consider is your data is only as good as your last backup. If you backup your company critical data once a night and you have to restore back day or so then you will loose data and have to manually rebuild. Below are some recommendations for a DRaaS (Disaster Recovery As A Service). Continuallly backing up your data and can restore at anytime.

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