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Free Open Source Solutions for your Small Business

December 30, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Business Tips


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Promote Saving with Custom Piggy Banks!

December 28, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in custom piggy banks, promotional piggy banks

Promotional piggy banks are great brand ambassadors and can represent your brand with fun!  Every person receives a piggy bank at some point in his or her childhood. It’s one of the most effective ways for parents to teach their children the value of saving money rather than spending it. More importantly, the piggy bank is also a good reminder for parents and young adults who may have forgotten the importance of saving.

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Trade Show Swag:  Got Mints?

December 27, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Promotional mints, custom mint tins

Custom mint tins and containers are the perfect inexpensive trade show giveaway.  All of the attendees that come by your booth will appreciate having a mint when going from booth to booth.  Bad breath is a nightmare that you can help your customers and prospects defeat!  Promotional mints come in a variety of containers that will represent your brand well.  We also have several unique mint packages that come with lip balm, floss, or unique shapes.  

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I see you! Best SMB Security Camera Solutions for 2016

December 26, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Business Tips

Everywhere we go today feels like we are being watched. If you are running a small business and looking to lower your business insurance you might consider investing in a SMB security solution. This week we will review some very easy to setup solutions.

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Care to Cast? Top 3 Casting Devices 2016

December 23, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Business Tips

Nowdays everyone seems to have a Smart TV or at least a flat panel TV. If you have a Smart TV you might already have Casting built into your TV. So What is Casting? Glad you asked; casting is the ability to send your smartphone screen or computer screen to the TV screen wirelessly. This technology for a small business use to be one thousand dollars or more. Now you can cast as cheap as twenty five dollars. This week we will explore the top 3 casting devices.

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To journal or not to journal, that is the question!

December 21, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in custom journal, branded journal

Make sure your customers, prospects, and employees have a branded journal at these important meetings!  Custom journals make great promotional products because we all use them to record so many different things!  Here are some great uses for journals:

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Keep your laptop clean, use a sleeve!

December 20, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in custom laptop bags, custom laptop sleeves, custom sleeves

When preparing to exhibit at the next trade show, give your customers a gift or sponser a conference, custom laptop bags and sleeves will showcase your brand in style and keep their laptops and tablets clean!  Your customers and recipients will be delighted to receive a promotional product they can use every day!

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3 quick tips for maintaining passwords for services online

December 19, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Business Tips

People now days are trying to steal all of your data, hack your computer by holding your data hostage. We will go over some simple security tips to help you avoid these mistakes.

1. Use unique passwords for all your accounts

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Trade Show Tips:  Hunting and Fishing

December 16, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa

If you are gearing up for hunting and fishing trade shows,  you need the perfect promotional products for your booth!  Hunting and fishing trade shows are ideal to make contact with outdoor enthusiasts.  They are a relatively low cost way of deepening relationships with current contacts, garnering leads, and networking with suppliers and colleagues.  Let us help you with some great swag to keep your new prospects remembering you long after the show!

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Trade Show Tips:  Construction Industry

December 12, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa

There are some great trade shows in first quarter for the construction industry that you may be planning to exhibit at or should think about exhibiting.  Exhibiting at trade shows has many benefits for your company from visibility to credibility.  It would take 5 salespeople 2 months to make as many contacts as 1 good trade show can provide.  The attendees are there to learn about suppliers  and services in their industry and to hear your message.  You couldn't find a more committed audience!  Trade shows also give you the opportunity to connect with your current clientele that is attending and further cement your relationship.

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Pantone's Color of the Year!

December 08, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa

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Trends in the Real Estate Market for 2017

December 08, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Real Estate, Real Estate Trends, Branding yourself

2017 should yield a great year for real estate professionals!  Real estate experts are saying that the next 4 years should yield good growth in home sales which means more opportunity for you!  With increasing home value, home owners have increased net worth which can motivate them to want to trade up in their home.  We are also seeing a lot of baby boomers wanting to downsize or move to a sunnier locale.  There is a huge movement to smaller homes with the tiny house movement.  Most of us can't go to "tiny" home but we may decide to move to a smaller home or condo for lower maintenance.  All of this buying, selling and trading are opportunities for Realtors to help people make the right choice for whatever lifestyle they desire!

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Wedding Favors:  For the special men in your wedding!

December 06, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in wedding favors, whiskey glasses, custom gifts

Don't forget those special men on your special day by giving them some classy and unique wedding favors!  These are items that can last for years to come and be a reminder of your special day.  

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The Remarkable Potential of Promotional Products!

December 05, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Promotional Products

Pause to consider the promotional products that you touch every day? I am drinking from a custom wine glass as I write this blog.  I have used a custom pocket notebook today for my grocery list.  I took notes with a custom stylus pen and drank my coffee out of a custom stainless tumbler.  This is just the items I remember interacting with today.  Companies can spend thousands of dollars a month on TV ads, radio ads, and magazine that will impact their customers only when they are viewed.  Promotional products can last years past their initial receipt and can be seen by far more potential buyers than just their recipient.  

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What Time Is It? I am not sure I need a watch!

December 02, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Promotional Watches


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