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Chattanooga's First Kansas City BBQ Society Competition!

Excited to Help & Eat Some BBQ:

The Event Coordinators at Fire in the Valley reached out to us to help with the upcoming event. They really needed solutions for the team "swag bags" and we were excited to work on the project.  

Teams, judges, and KCBS officials will be taking home some awesome items while we expect to be filling our bellies with some incredible BBQ.  Thanks Eric and Callie for letting us be a part of your team.  We are looking forward to the event June 3rd and 4th at the new venue at Camp Jordan in East Ridge, Tennessee.   

Teams at the event can expect to receive the following items at the event!

  • The Sherpa 26oz Tumbler| All the form and function of a Yeti Rambler!  
  • A Canvas Tote Full of Swagger
  • And a crowd favorite koozie




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