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Corporate Color Pallets, Vintage Style


Harvard Art Museums, © President and Fellows of Harvard College

Have you ever thought about what goes into the colors of your logo?  Probably not… And we’ll bet that you’ve definitely not considered some of these outrageous ingredients!  How about bits and pieces of Egyptian mummy bandages?  Need a dab of Indian Yellow?  Try using some dried urine of the bovine breed.  No, this is not late April fool’s joke!  These are actual components that enrich the pigments on file at Harvard University’s Forbes Pigment Collection.  

Throughout history, artists have sought far and wide to find unique colors to set their paintings apart from others.  At the Harvard Art Museums, these particles can help to validate the originality of antiquated artwork by offering comparative analysis of history’s most prized pieces.  The researchers at the Forbes Pigment Collection can tell if the fronds of Rattan palms are an historically accurate match in creating the brownish-red “Dragon’s Blood” color or if we fibbed, using modern ingredients in our basement, to create a forgery!   After all, Michelangelo didn’t have the convenience of your local neighborhood Sherwin-Williams.

So, while we may not quite go to such extremes to create the vast array of colors we see in today’s advertisements, we’d like to think that we take a bit of inspiration from the determination of history’s artists to set themselves apart from the mainstream.  Let Promo Sherpas help make your logo “pop” so that your clients are sure to tell you apart from your nearest competitor.

For the full story that inspired this post, check out this article on greatbigstory.com



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