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Craft Beer and Custom Pint Glasses



 What's more American than the craft beer craze?  As craft beer sales continue to grow in the double digits, get your brand out there by giving custom pint glasses and custom beer mugs for employee events, customer appreciation, wedding favors and more!  Custom pint glasses and custom beer mugs are the most common styles of beer glasses.  The custom pint glass is most common in the United States while the custom beer mug is more popular in Europe especially Germany where the custom beer stein began.  So which to pick, the custom pint glass or the custom beer mug?

The custom pint glass is a simple design, the ease of stacking and durability are the features that made this style of pint glass so popular in post-prohibition American bars and restaurants.  The thickness of the glass aids in durability but also in keeping the beer cold.

Custom beer mugs or steins are also extremely durable and provide great insulation to keep the beer cold. For events where cheering will be involved, be sure and pick the custom beer mug as the handle aid in stability.  That notorious handle also serves the purpose of helping to keep your beer cold by not allowing the transfer of heat from your hand to the glass.

No matter which style you prefer custom beer mugs and custom pint glasses make great promotional giveaways.  They are greatly appreciated for all kinds of events from a custom set for your employees and customers to wonderful wedding favors, set your brand apart by giving a custom pint glass or beer mug for your next event!

Here are some great styles at promosherpas.com and as always if you need help contact your trusty Sherpa!

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