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Whether your recipients need custom backpacks for school, work, a weekend hiking trip or a carry on for an adventure, Promo Sherpas has the custom backpacks that will help your brand shine.  Americans buy millions of backpacks each year.  Why not give them one that represents your brand and save them some bucks in the process.  With the many varied uses for custom backpacks, no other promotional products will be seen in as many places!  Here is a list of the top 10 uses for custom backpacks:

  1. With airlines now charging for each bag stowed, savvy travelers are usings customized backpacks as their only luggage.  Your brand will be seen in the airport, on the plane, at each visit of landmarks, parks, beaches, etc!
  2. Custom backpacks will always be handy for the traditional use of carrying books back and forth from home to school.   Though in today’s day and age there may be more gadgets than books in their bags (We have those too!)..
  3. Custom backpacks are also great for transporting your smelly gym clothes back home after an intense workout.
  4. We have customizable backpacks for backpacking trips in the great outdoors which has become ever increasingly popular especially with Millennials.
  5. Custom backpacks are used in place of the breif case to transport laptops and tablets back and forth from work.
  6. Some custom backpacks are just the right size to be a purse.
  7. Carrying sports gear is a popular use for custom backpacks.
  8. The military sport backpacks for carrying their gear.
  9. Custom backpacks are great to transport tools for the job site whether you’re building a house or repairing some electronics..
  10. Ok we don’t sell these but they make backpacks to collect the fart gas from cows… Google it!

Visit the Promo Sherpas to check out some of our great styles of backpacks that come in all different sizes, shapes and colors!  Here are a few of our favorites!


 If you need help finding the perfect custom backpack for your promotion, the trusty Promo Sherpas can help you!

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