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Custom ceramic mugs are the best promotional product!

coffee pic.jpg
Nothing crosses the all social and economic barriers like the the customized coffee mug!  We know that most adults drink coffee but did you know that a fair amount of them collect custom ceramic mugs?  Go to your own kitchen and see how many custom mugs you have!  Some of us even end up collecting them without trying.  Family and friends pick them up from gift shops, we buy them at restaurant we like, we get them as promotional products.  No matter how they come to us we need them to drink coffee and tea both at home and in the office.  Heck they even make great custom pen holders on your desk!

At Promo Sherpas, we have a variety of mugs to promote your business in style!  Promotional ceramic mugs are inexpensive and will have lasting value for your brand and for your recipient to enjoy their morning coffee!  Though we all know those people in our offices that tote that mug all day long drinking coffee.  What a great benefactor of your logo!


  full color matte mug.png

If you have a detailed multicolor logo or you want to add additional pizazz, a full color custom ceramic mug may be the perfect choice for you!  You have the ability to use any photo you can shoot with about any of today‚Äôs smart phones and we will put your logo and photo on the mug.  You have the ability to let your creativity soar with these mugs!  

school mug.jpgWe have a broad selection of sizes, shapes and printing methods to make your promotional mug the perfect brand representative for your business!

Here are a couple more of our favorites but click to check out more custom ceramic mugs !

caribou_coffee.png             konajoe.png


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