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Dress your show: Trade Show Apparel


What you wear at a trade show can set you apart from the crowds.  For newbies and experienced trade show planners alike, your teams appearance represents your brand and you want them to be the best brand ambassadors they can be.  Having a coordinated appearance will also make it easy for your visitors to spot your staff in the crowd.  What your team wears and how they present themselves will be a direct reflection on the company and you want to be intentional about what that says.

1)  Know your audience!

Make sure you and your team know and understand who you are going to be meeting.  You don't wouldn't wear the same outfit to a lawyers convention as you would to a home show.  You want to be sure your team is approachable and look fun.  As exhibitors, you want to be slightly more dressed up than your attendees but a suit and tie will probably make you look unapproachable.

2) Make sure you stand-out!

Standing out serves two purposes, one it makes you easy to find and two catches the eye of the passer by!  Trade shows are crowded and most serious attendees are on a mission to gather as much information as they can to maximize the expense of attending the show.  Make sure your team is easy to find in the crowd!

3)  Coordinate before you go!

You don't have to match exactly but you need to coordinate your colors.  Coordinating before hand also helps your team to pack and be prepared.  Recommend that within your color scheme, your team chooses items that they find comfortable and feel confident in.  Request feedback from the team prior to the show to see if they have any suggestions!

4) Uniforms make it easy!

You can go as big or small in branding your outfit as you and your team are comfortable with.  Some occasions may call for something small and understated like scarves and lapel pins.  Your brand and audience may be better suited to polo shirts and slacks.  Branded merchandise has the ability to make you and your team standout as much or as little as you like.  From the lanyard to golf pants with your logo on them, the Sherpas can help you find just the right item(s) that fits your desired look.

trade show apparel

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