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Finding the right custom mugs to promote your brand!


According to a 2013 National Coffee Association survey, 83% of American adults drink coffee.
Americans are the largest consumers of coffee in the world and consume an average of 3 cups per day!  Millions of people in America rely on coffee to keep them revved up all day long.  Americans take their coffee drinking very personal from th
e type of coffee they drink to the custom coffee mugs they drink it out of!

Americans reliance on coffee gives businesses a unique opportunity to have their brand visible at just the right time all day everyday in our homes, on our desks, on the tv in commercials, at our attorneys, doctors, etc. offices, custom coffee mugs are everywhere.  When you are thinking about what your next promotional product purchase will be, you should consider customized mugs with your logo on them.  

According to industry research, 6 in 10 people will keep custom coffee mugs for up to 2 years and 85% of people will buy from an advertiser after receiving promotional products..

Now you need to think about which custom mugs would represent your business brand the
best and would be within your budget.  
Custom coffee mugs come in lots of different materials, like stainless steel, plastic, glass, and porcelain and different sizes from the standard 12 ounce all the way up to custom travel mugs that can be as much as 20+ ounces.  Some custom coffee mugs or custom travel mugs come with a handle and some without, some with a lid and some without.  

With the may options available you may need some help to figure out the perfect custom coffee mugs to promote your business, let the Promo Sherpas help you find the perfect mug for your needs.

Promo Sherpas Favorite Custom Coffee Mugs

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