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How To Raise Money For Schools While Promoting Your Brand


Even though technically we have been out of the recession for 2 years, a lot of communities are still having to cut back on school spending.   This can mean schools being forced to cut back on sports programs, music programs, technology, field trips, etc.   Local businesses can advertise in a variety of ways in their local school system that are typically low cost and have the added benefit of helping the school to maintain these programs.

Below are some ideas to promote your business and help your school system:

1.  Look into sponsoring activities or events – Your school will appreciate the donation and will acknowledge your donation via signs, event programs, etc.


 2.  Help schools fund raise – You can accomplish this through co-branding of promotional products such as the Kong (a Yeti like tumbler) is an extremely popular item today and it’s little brother the Odin is a great coffee mug. Both of these items offer a 2 sided imprint so the schools logo can go on the front and your logo on the back.  Click to Get a Sherpa Guide for more great ideas!

3.  Advertise in school yearbooks and newspapers – This is always a great way to get your name in front of the parents.  Typically the students in the journalism class are responsible for selling the spots in the yearbook and newspaper, which is a great learning experience you can contribute to.  The students will help you with the design of your ad so all you will need to give them is your logo and an idea of what you would like to accomplish in your ad.

school_supply.jpg4.  You may also want to approach the school to advertise on their fence.  This has become a popular method of raising advertising dollars.  If the school doesn’t currently have a fence program in place, offer to help them put it together in exchange for your spot (in the best location of course).  You would need to research the cost of making the sign and help to facilitate this for other advertisers but it would be a great way to help the school and promote your business.

 5.  Donate your services – If you are a contractor for instance, offer to donate maintenance services for advertising spots in programs, yearbooks, etc.  This goes for landscaping, food donations from restaurants, etc.

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