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Keep your laptop clean, use a sleeve!

dishwasher laptop.jpgWhen preparing to exhibit at the next trade show, give your customers a gift or sponser a conference, custom laptop bags and sleeves will showcase your brand in style and keep their laptops and tablets clean!  Your customers and recipients will be delighted to receive a promotional product they can use every day!

Laptop sleeves are usually made of nylon, neoprene or canvas and are designed to fit closely to your laptop.  Using a custom laptop sleeve will protect your computer from dirt, dust, and potential lint in the bottom of your backpack.  Sleeves also can protect your computer from rain and potential spills.

felt sleeve.jpg     laptop sleeve.jpg     neoprene case.jpg

Maybe your customers need a great custom laptop messenger bag or backpack to carry their computer back and forth from work or traveling.  Make sure when you are selecting a great bag that it has a padded compartment designed for electronic devices such as laptops and tablets.

slim messenger bag.jpg    Troon Canvas Bag.jpg    rolling laptop case.jpg



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