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Planning Your Golf Tournament - Fittings

golf_pic.jpgCharity Golf Tournaments are a very popular and successful way to raise funds for your cause.  In order to have a successful golf tournament, you have to define what your expectations are for the tournament.  The most important measure will no doubt be the amount of money you raise from your tournament.  You will also want to bring awareness to your cause and ensure a good experience so your golfers will look forward to your tournament every year.  Value for the players will be a combination of the right course, the right price, the right entertainment and the right gifts.  Tournament Fittings can be the solution to the right entertainment and the right gifts!

The golf tournament fitting is an impressive way to provide long term value to your players which will attract more players to your tournament and raise more money for your cause.  Again you want your tournament to be THE tournament of the year.  The tournament fitting offers value beyond normal swag because it will be used hopefully each time the participant plays golf reminding them of your tournament.

So what is a tournament fitting?  Tournament fittings are premium items you offer the golfer that allows them to fit their style and/or size.  It isn’t a one size fits all which ensures the player receives an item they like and will use throughout the season and beyond.  

  1. TSL-JET_MATTEBLACK.pngSunglasses - Sunglasses offer a great value as these sunglasses are designed for sports.  You will be able to offer a selection of 3 styles for you tournament and the case can be logod offering the opportunity to promote your tournament or promote your sponsor.  
  2. Caps - Offer a couple of different caps to select from with the logo of the tournament or of a sponsor.  
  3. Golf Shirts - Offer a couple of different styles with different sizes.  You will need to obtain the sizes and the style choice with the player registration to have the shirt on the day of the event.  MEN_POLOS.jpg
  4. Golf shoes - A couple of different styles are offered and the shoes are fitted to the player as part of the event entertainment.  The shoe vendor, such as Callaway, Nike or Footjoy, will provide overages on the sizes that will be returned after the completion of the event.  Any player you are unable to fit will receive their shoes after the tournament. Obtaining the shoe size prior at registration will aid in estimating the sizes needed.
  5. Golf Ball Fitting - A professional team will bring their equipment out to your tournament and run tests on the players swings to determine the right ball for them.  They will then be given the number of balls designated, i.e. a half dozen or a dozen.
  6. GRIP-SOFT-FD_MEDIUM_LAR.pngGolf Glove - Ensure the players have the right size by doing a custom fitting at your tournament.  This is an item that will provide your players with long term value and remind them of your great tournament.
  7. Golf Bag - Choose the styles and colors you would like to sample at the tournament and the bags will be shipped to the player after the tournament.

We will cover additional ideas for your Golf Tournament in a series of blogs so be sure to subscribe to our blog for more ideas!  If you don’t have time to wait, ask your trusty sherpa.

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