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Tech is one of the hottest growing industries and their is no shortage of trade shows. Take for instance every year in January CES (Consumer Technology Association) descends on Las Vegas where consumer technology companies show off their latest products and services.  With all of the people attending the shows companies need to be able to provide promotional swag for their brand. Using this guide you will find some of the most popular items selling in the promotional product marketplace today. Let's review some of the Goodies below:

Mobile Chargers - I need some juice

Walking around the trade show you will need a power bank to keep those devices charging. Check out our broad offering of power banks.


Speakers - Can you hear me now?

Need to hold a quick conference call while at the trade show check out our Bluetooth Speaker.


Wireless Bluetooth Speaker with microphone

  • Works with iPhone/Android/Windows Phone
  • Pairs up to 30 feet away
  • 250mAh Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery included
  • Up To 2 Hours Of Play Time
  • Offered in 8 colors

USB Storage Dual Port 2.0 with 8GB Ram

One way to reach your audience is to record a video or audio clip about your company or products your company offers and place the video or audio clip on a  Dual-Port 2.0 USB Hub with 8G Memory.


Another use case for your Dual-Port 2.0 USB Hub with 8G Memory would be creating your own Hack-Proof Password System with LastPass and a USB Drive. There are step by step instructions you can follow based on the article our good friends at LifeHacker has put together.

Zeus LED Light Bulb Bluetooth Speaker - What a bright idea!

One of my favorite promotional product item that will help your brand to shine and a great ice breaker.




Replace any light bulb with this next generation LED light bulb and Bluetooth speaker. The 6 Watt LED bulb will last up to 45,000 working hours. The light is able to be controlled with a fully functioning remote control that is in included. Plus the speaker has an output of 3 Watts. Making the Zeus capable of lighting up an entire room with light and music. Bluetooth working range is 10 meters (33 feet).

Conclusion utilizing one of these products should help you stand out at the next tech show that your company will be attending. Please subscribe to our blog and get new post each week.


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