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You might have heard a lot of talk over the last few years about a technology called the “cloud”. While one might think it is where servers or data centers are stored in a physical cloud, it is actually a series of computer data centers that are linked together in real-time.


Cloud Computing has changed the landscape on how we listen and purchase music. Digital media can now be stored in cloud services such as Amazon Music, Apple iTunes or Google Play Music. This will provide the ability to toss out those old CD’s or, if you are as old as me, cassette tapes. Store and access all of your music on any device, anywhere. Looking to share you music with your friends?  Check out Promo Sherpas’ wide selection of bluetooth speakers.

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Another use for cloud computing is data storage for photos and videos.  Keep all of those family memories neat and organized for access with just a few clicks.

Some popular services are Google Photos, Apple iCloud and Amazon Photos. Photos can be backed up to these services or simply stored there and retrieved from any device that has internet access. If you are not quite ready to store all of your photos or videos in the cloud, you can check out the usb flash drives Promo Sherpas has to offer.

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These are just a few ways you can utilize the “Cloud”.  Next week, we will be reviewing the various cloud storage providers in more detail. Also, please make sure to subscribe to the Promo Sherpas blog to get the latest tip and tricks.

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