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Top 10 Marketing Slogans Considered for Chattanooga's Gig City Campaign

We love Chattanooga, it’s start-up scene, and the city’s lightning fast internet. In honor of this great city, we thought we would share the top 10 slogans that should have been considered for marketing our “Gig City”.


Top 10 Slogans Considered for Chattanooga’s “Gig City” Campaign

10 - We may be from the south, but we can “Google” faster than you

9 - Even google wishes they had a gigabit

8 - More fiber than Tokyo

7 - More fiber than a bowl of FiberOne?

6 - Yeah freaky fast internet, a hot job market, and we have a Jimmy John’s Too!

5 - People come here for the view but stay for the internet

4 - When Chattanoogans leave town everything seems slower, not just the internet

3 - Even venture capitalists come to chattanooga for a gig

2 - We may talk slow but our internet is fast

1 - Typically fiber and the outdoors would be a bad idea... What?  We are talking about all the fiber optic cable in our amazingly outdoorsy city.

If you think of a slogan that should have been included, drop a comment!   


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