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Top 10 Uses for Custom Drawstring Bags


You know the bags that you get at outdoor events like marathons and triathalons. They serve a great purpose providing race day necessities and event details, but what do you do with them after?  We have all received them at school, tradeshows, you name it.  You need to keep them as they make a great item for sustainiblity.  Here are the top 10 uses for custom drawstring bags.

1.  Reusable shopping bag - These are way more durable than plastic bags and can fold up very small to keep in your purse or pocket until you need it.  

2.  Gym bag - These make great bags for you gym clothes!

3.  Shoe bag - Promotional drawstring bags are great to carry shoes in for sports like baseball and golf!

4.  Jogging or cycling - They make a great light weight bag when your out jogging or cycling to carry supplies.

5.  Trash bag - You really need to keep your car clean.  Make it easier with a custom drawstring backpack for trash.

6.  Trick or Treat Bag - Custom drawstring bags hold a lot of candy!  

7.  Lunch bag - You have to eat!  Take your lunch in a drawstring bag with a custom imprint.

8.  Laundry bag - Drawstring bags take up very little room, they will fit in your suitcase for your dirty clothes.

9.  Toiletry bag - Use a custom drawstring bag to carry your soap, toothbrush, make-up, etc.

10.  Gift bag - Use them as a bag for a gift when you wait till the last minute and don't have time to wrap!

Custom drawstring bags are everywhere and they have a ton of uses for you and your family!  

Check out some of our favorites:


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Speed Zone Air Mesh Drawstring Bag Spirit Custom Drawstring Bag Polyester Workhorse Drawstring Backpack



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