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Process Automation without code?

January 09, 2017 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Business Tips

There are often times where you might find yourself repeating the same steps or processes over and over. I want to introduce a few tools this week where you could put those processes or steps on auto pilot.

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Free Open Source Solutions for your Small Business

December 30, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Business Tips


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I see you! Best SMB Security Camera Solutions for 2016

December 26, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Business Tips

Everywhere we go today feels like we are being watched. If you are running a small business and looking to lower your business insurance you might consider investing in a SMB security solution. This week we will review some very easy to setup solutions.

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Care to Cast? Top 3 Casting Devices 2016

December 23, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Business Tips

Nowdays everyone seems to have a Smart TV or at least a flat panel TV. If you have a Smart TV you might already have Casting built into your TV. So What is Casting? Glad you asked; casting is the ability to send your smartphone screen or computer screen to the TV screen wirelessly. This technology for a small business use to be one thousand dollars or more. Now you can cast as cheap as twenty five dollars. This week we will explore the top 3 casting devices.

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3 quick tips for maintaining passwords for services online

December 19, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Business Tips

People now days are trying to steal all of your data, hack your computer by holding your data hostage. We will go over some simple security tips to help you avoid these mistakes.

1. Use unique passwords for all your accounts

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Tips for the @ Home Workforce

November 11, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Business Tips

Many people are finding themselves working at home more these days. Companines are finding flexible methods for employees to be able to work from home and get more done while building loyality from their workforce. This week we will explore a few tips that might assist any at home work force warrior.

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Avoid a Disaster! Disaster Recovery Options for SMB

November 04, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Business Tips

I am sure sometime in your professional career you have faced a software, hardware technology failure and needed to recover from backups. Traditional backups were usually performed on expensive tape drives or tape libraries. Based on statistics tape backups failed to restore at a rate between 65 - 80 percent. This is an astounding statistic. Another thing to consider is your data is only as good as your last backup. If you backup your company critical data once a night and you have to restore back day or so then you will loose data and have to manually rebuild. Below are some recommendations for a DRaaS (Disaster Recovery As A Service). Continuallly backing up your data and can restore at anytime.

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Passwords for everything how to keep up with the madness?

October 28, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Business Tips


Today it seems like we have passwords for everything, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Promo Sherpas, Amazon, and on and on. The best way to keep up with all of the madness is using a password keeper or manger. Some of the most popular password keepers on the market we will review in this weeks business tops blog.

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Low Cost Laptops? The Answer Chromebooks!

October 14, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Business Tips

I am often asked what is a good deal for a laptop? I usually ask do you need Microsoft Office and if the person states no then I will direct a user to a Chromebook. Despite a slow start, in the five years since these laptops have become a much more viable option.

In today's cloud computing environment the idea of a computer based around a browser is not as far fetched as it use to be. Several browser only OSes failed in the past such as the MSN TV Browser which relied on dial-up internet. Now we have fast broadband and public wifi so a connection is not to far away.

When they first appeared though, the list of complaints was great. Low end specs. No local storage. No desktop applications. A complete reliance on the web and very little offline support. Here are the main reasons those problems matter a lot less in 2016.

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Is Your Computer being held for Ransom?

October 07, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in Business Tips

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