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Last minute gifts! Thanksgiving is over so little time left!

November 28, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in custom mugs, custom glassware, custom bags, custom blankets

It's getting to be the last minute!  If you haven't found the perfect gift for your employees or customers, let the Promo Sherpas find the perfect solution for you.  No matter what custom gift or promotional product you are looking for, we will help you find the perfect solution by working with you every step of the way.

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Trends in Promotional Products:  Custom Stainless Steel Drinkware

November 22, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in custom mugs, custom bottles, custom stainless steel mugs, custom stainless steel tumblers

Custom Stainless Steel Drinkware has been the rage this year in Promotional Products.  Let's review a couple of popular styles that would make great custom gifts for your clients or employees this holiday season.

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Custom ceramic mugs are the best promotional product!

October 27, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in customized ceramic mugs, Promotional ceramic mugs, custom mugs, custom ceramic mugs

Nothing crosses the all social and economic barriers like the the customized coffee mug!  We know that most adults drink coffee but did you know that a fair amount of them collect custom ceramic mugs?  Go to your own kitchen and see how many custom mugs you have!  Some of us even end up collecting them without trying.  Family and friends pick them up from gift shops, we buy them at restaurant we like, we get them as promotional products.  No matter how they come to us we need them to drink coffee and tea both at home and in the office.  Heck they even make great custom pen holders on your desk!

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Finding the right custom mugs to promote your brand!

September 28, 2016 / by Scribe Sherpa posted in custom mugs, custom coffee mugs

According to a 2013 National Coffee Association survey, 83% of American adults drink coffee.
Americans are the largest consumers of coffee in the world and consume an average of 3 cups per day!  Millions of people in America rely on coffee to keep them revved up all day long.  Americans take their coffee drinking very personal from th
e type of coffee they drink to the custom coffee mugs they drink it out of!

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