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Trade Show Swag:  Got Mints?

breath mints.jpgCustom mint tins and containers are the perfect inexpensive trade show giveaway.  All of the attendees that come by your booth will appreciate having a mint when going from booth to booth.  Bad breath is a nightmare that you can help your customers and prospects defeat!  Promotional mints come in a variety of containers that will represent your brand well.  We also have several unique mint packages that come with lip balm, floss, or unique shapes.  

house mints.jpg     lip balm mints.jpg     floss mints.jpg


The breath mint industry has experienced fluctuations in popularity alongside the candy industry throughout its modern adoption. However, bad breath remains undeterred from ruining our presentations and first dates. Until the day that bad breath quits, the mint will always be there.


Promotional mints, custom mint tins

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