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Trade Show Swag:  Tech!

swag.jpgFirst quarter 2017 has a massive trade show line up!  Every presenter needs to be thinking about how they are going to set themselves apart.  Most presenters go inexpensive swag like writing instruments, key chains, toothpick dispensers, etc.  If you want your swag to attract visitors to your booth, it has to be something they want!  Great custom swag can draw the crowds to your booth in the form of contests and first to the booth prize.

Custom tech items are always popular at trade shows.  Be unique and stand out with these great choices!  The new fad in custom speakers are the promotional light up speakers.  These speakers feature lights that dance to the rhythm of the music, enable you to answer, refuse or redial phone calls right on the speaker, and play and pause tracks right on the speaker.  

SONICBOOM_WHITE.png  speaker.jpg  

Custom headphones are also a great option especially when they are great quality!

headphones.jpg  bluetooth headphones.jpg

Promotional power banks are always a great choice but take it up a notch by offering a power bank that is UL listed, has a long life, can charge multiple devices and can charge a laptop or tablet!

power bank2.jpg  power bank1.jpg



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