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Trends in the Real Estate Market for 2017

house.jpg2017 should yield a great year for real estate professionals!  Real estate experts are saying that the next 4 years should yield good growth in home sales which means more opportunity for you!  With increasing home value, home owners have increased net worth which can motivate them to want to trade up in their home.  We are also seeing a lot of baby boomers wanting to downsize or move to a sunnier locale.  There is a huge movement to smaller homes with the tiny house movement.  Most of us can't go to "tiny" home but we may decide to move to a smaller home or condo for lower maintenance.  All of this buying, selling and trading are opportunities for Realtors to help people make the right choice for whatever lifestyle they desire!

Now more than ever you need to be focused on the brand that is you!  Your personal brand is what your customers remember and trust.  Your brand needs to be catchy and confidence building.  You need a catchy slogan and logo for your brand.  You can use sites like fiverr to help you create an inexpensive logo, brochures, and fliers.  Once you have determined your logo and slogan, Promo Sherpas can help you find the perfect Promotional Products no matter your budget!

Here some of our favorites!

post it house.jpg key chain.jpg mug.png tote.jpg

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