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What Time Is It? I am not sure I need a watch!



You hear people state they do not have enough time. Why not give them more time by purchasing your co-workers, employees and staff a custom promotional watch. Watches are utilized everyday by people from all walks of life. As a business gift, custom promotional wrist watches are easy to match to your audience, whether their tastes are classic or modern.

Classic Promotional Mens Watch


Stay Classy my friends! With this elegant custom promotional mens watch with very defined lines and easy to read watch face. 

 Modern Promotional UniSex Watch

moden watch.jpg

Do you consider yourself modern and stylish? The Modern Promotional Unisex Watch might just be the perfect fit for your company's image. Multiple faces on this watch with 10 minute intervals offered.

sporty watch.jpg                           roundsports.jpg

              Square Sports Watch                       Or                           Round Sports Watch

Maybe fitness is your game! Promo Sherpas has got you covered with many sporty options for the fitness buff!  Custom Promotional watches make excellent awards for holiday parties.  Check out our wide selection today. 


Promotional Watches

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